Heldmaschine Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2015

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An den Tierkliniken 42
04103 Leipzig


Saturday, 23.05.2015 from 9:00 pm [/col]

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HELDMASCHINE have just come back from a tremendously successful ‚Eisheilige Nacht’-Tour together with rock heroes Subway To Sally, Saltatio Mortis and Unzucht. In 2015 they continue their very own ‚Propaganda’ march through European clubs!

A HELDMASCHINE ‚Propaganda’ live show is a fierce steamroller paving away. Rock-hard drums form waves of wrecking balls, furious guitar thunderstorms blasting from the stage and razor-sharp synth sounds drilling into the very cells of the bone marrow. On top of this musical ‚tour de force’ we see an impressive custom designed aluminum stage construction, fitted with built-in lighting and illumination effects. An elaborately composed stage and lighting choreography completes the HELDMASCHINE ‚Propaganda’ show. The band members themselves say ‚Don’t trust any bomb that you did not place yourself’ … in short: HELDMASCHINE live is an experience not to miss.

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Heldmaschine Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2015